Compose from ready elements

If you would like to have your own brand, we will help you to create it. We will show you a wide range of options for coffee blends, packaging, labels and all other aspects of the finished product.

With build a brand you are creating the ideal product for your target market. Of course we will offer our professional advice during every step of the creative process. First, you choose the coffee blend which best suits your taste and your market's habits. We offer a large variety of delicious and aromatic instant coffees. These blend have been carefully chosen by our specialists, who are constantly traveling the world in search of the finest blends. Our coffees come from a selection of well-known and reputable plantations around the world. In addition to the quality of the coffee itself, we know the importance of presentation of the final product.

The design of the packaging is important to us. Our clients can choose from an assortment of almost 50 types of glass jars (with various capacities). Moreover, we offer our products in cans, sticks, doypacks and PET jars.