One of our main goal is to uphold the highest quality and safety standards of our products. That is why we have implemented many international standards.

These international certifications pay special attention to quality, production safety and operations of the company. All stages of production are subject to these standards, starting from the supply stage, through processing and packing, and into the final stage of storage. All of our raw materials, packaging and production processes are analyzed and assessed in relation to the safety and quality of our end product. Additionally, every single batch of the raw material undergoes physicochemical and microbiological inspections performed both by our internal laboratory and by accredited external laboratories. Our procedures are constantly supervised, documented and updated.

Our coffee specialists travel the world in search of the finest blends of coffee. By seeing how the coffee grows on the plantations, we can be sure that we offer the best of the best. We are experts in all aspects of coffee: from identifying new varieties and using innovative techniques in production and packing, to optimal methods of transportation and storage. This attention to detail at the source enables us to insure that the products are up to our high standards. This allows us to create highly satisfying coffee products of highest quality.

  • ISO 22000
  • BRC
  • IFS
  • BIO
  • UTZ